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The multi gathering space, 5-bedroom program utilizes ‘upside down’ vertical plan relationships maximizing views from the upper floors with large open plan concepts and subtle spatial use ques. The horizontal signature synthesizes site topography with the ability to extrude broad view exposures while accommodating height constraints. The primary rectangular volume also provides a plinth to host an expansive rooftop terrace.  The main volume also acts as a linear anchor for two entry side ‘pods’ which further modulate the 5,500sf residence into smaller facets of beach house scale. 


Sustainable design elements incorporate a large solar array area integrated into the easterly roof terrace, a high performance exterior envelope and high efficiency mechanical equipment.  Passive shading elements are utilized throughout emphasizing performance and aesthetics.  Strategic and sensitive site design merged notions of orientation, views, exposures and neighborhood context with limiting disturbance to existing perimeter landscape and coastal fabric. 


project type:

Multi-gathering space

Montauk, NY
project square footage:

5,500 sf

completion date:


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